Our Bench

We maintain a well calibrated set of test equipment specifically designed to for servicing audio equipment that we have assembled through years of experience .

Our Bench consist of these items and many more:

  • HP 3582A Audio FFT Spectrum Analyzer – the king of stand alone spectrum analyzers for audio work (determine harmonics and spurious emissions) NIST Certified Calibration
  • HP 8903B Audio Analyzer – paired with Pete Millet software we can perform complex analysis on your gear (Distortion Analysis, Freq Response, %THD, Power/Freq, Volt/Freq, Sweep Functions, Power Output, etc.) NIST Certified Calibration
  • Analog Discovery II with TheStuffMade Audio Analyzer Suite – nifty new setup I’ve been testing with, very cool modern approach to analyzing audio
  • Sencore SG80 – AM/FM stereo analyzer
  • Sencore PA81 – Stereo Amplifier Power Analyzer
  • BK Precision 4003A – Function Generator with digital frequency counter
  • BK Precision 1665 – DC Regulated Power Supply
  • Custom Built BNC Signal Patch Panel & Dummy Load (non-inductive Dale 250W 8ohm 1% x2)
  • Tektronix CFC250– High Precision Frequency Counter – NIST Certified Calibration
  • Tektronix 2246 – 4 Channel 100mhz oscilloscope with on screen measurement functions – NIST Certified Calibration
  • Rigol DS1054Z – 4 Channel 50mhz digital storage oscilloscope
  • Fluke 45 – Dual Display Bench Multimeter
  • Computerized Cardmatic – Western Electric (Hickok) Tube Tester with computer control, extremely fast and accurate tube tester
  • TV-7D/U – Tube Tester
  • Eico 667 – Tester
  • Hickok 539B – Tube Tester
  • Sprague Tel-ohmike TO-6A – High Voltage Capacitor Analyzer
  • Heathkit IP-17 –  High Voltage Regulated Power Supply
  • HP 4436A – Attenuator 600 ohm
  • SEI SPS-30M – Variable 13.6v 35A Power Supply
  • Tripplite – 40 Amp 13.6v Power Supply
  • Triplett 630-PL – Analog Multimeter
  • PEAK Atlas LCR40 – Automatic Passive Component Analyzer
  • PEAK Atlas ESR70 – ESR, Low Resistance and Capacitance Meter
  • PEAK Atlas DCA55 – Semiconductor Component Analyzer
  • Fluke 8060A – True RMS Multimeter
  • Fluke 179 – True RMS Multimeter
  • Extech EX330 – Autoranging Multimeter
  • Custom Built Variac – with old school analog voltage & current meters, built in Dim Bulb current limiter with 2 bulbs and variable load
  • RCA WP-24A – Isolation Transformer
  • Hakko FX-888D – Soldering Iron
  • Teledyne Stripall TW-1 – Thermal Wire Stripper
  • Klipsch RB-81 – Bookshelf Speakers on the bench
  • And more but you get the picture…