About Us

35 years of service, restoration, and repair of Hi-Fi audio & vintage electronics as a hobby…

My name is Mark Walker and I’ve been addicted to electronics since around the age of 10. The hobby continued all through my teenage years and then after pursuing a college degree in Electrical Engineering, oddly I found myself working in the computer field. As my career progressed upwards in corporate IT, I often felt like I had wasted a degree by not applying it to my day job.  However, the passion for the hobby never faded and it has consumed my nights and weekends for decades.  Now, as I’m beginning to think about my retirement career planning, it is all coming full circle for me as I’m finding the skills I’ve been building and honing all these years are scarce and hard to find these days…

Blueglow Electronics is just the name for our little hobby focused on restoring vintage electronics. Sometimes we are restoring (or destroying) things, other times building them, or often just servicing them but no matter what the task, we are doing it because we have a passion for the hobby and sharing what we have learned with others.  I am also an active extra class Amateur Radio operator (KG4FDR) and frequent many hamfest and outings on the east coast.

Our primary passion and focus is on vintage tube Hi-Fi.  We love to restore, build, modify, and upgrade anything that is tube related.  I have spent 35 years working on some of the best gear out there (Fisher, Marantz, Eico, AR, Dynaco, Altec, Western Electric, H.H. Scott, Fairchild,McIntosh, Heathkit, RCA, Knight, Leak, you name it and it’s likely been on our bench many times).  We also love bringing vintage solid state stereos and turntables back to life.  Marantz has became one of our specialties as well as Pioneer, Sansui and the other great units from the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s.Recently we have fallen in love with making YouTube videos of our projects. Jump over to our YouTube channel and check them out.

I’m currently working on restoring my 4000 sq/ft barn into an audio emporium.  A large listening room, area to hold amp building and troubleshooting class, and more.  We are on the final stretch of this journey and hopefully soon can start having those interested come visit.  We can checkout our collection and sit around to listen to some amazing restored audio gear with friends and fellow hobbyists.

Stay tuned, we have some really cool projects in the works for the future.

Sorry, our shop is closed.  Due to my busy day career and the limited spare time it gives us, we are only focused on making youtube videos at this time using gear we already have in stock.

I imagine it will be a few years until we can get back to working on customer gear.