Ask Mark

Want to ask us a question and have a short video response?

The goal is to create a forum to ask questions that would likely be on the minds of our viewers.

A few good examples might be:

  • Hey Mark, what are your thoughts on cathode (auto) bias vs. fixed bias tube amp designs?


  • Hey Mark, I’ve been thinking about using an Amazon echo to provide music to my system, how would it sound compared to a CD or vinyl?

A NOT so good example:

  • Hey Mark, In my Pioneer SX-850, what is the mouser part number for C31 that I could use to replace it? (too specific and not enough people might care to have a video answering that question).  Feel free to ask me these type questions via email, just not for this video series.

Here is how you do it:

  1. Send an email to and in the subject line you must put “ASK MARK”
  2. Then in the body of your email, ask your question
  3. Each week (when possible), I’ll try and pick one or two questions that would best serve our audience’s curiosity.  We will make a short (5 min or so) video giving our response for the community to see.  I think this will be a lot of fun and give us a better way for us to interact with the community.
  4. Note that it will not be possible to make a video for all of the questions submitted.  However, those that don’t get a video, I’ll at least respond letting you know why.
  5. If your video is chosen, it could take a few weeks to show up on YouTube so time sensitive questions may not be the best to ask.